Posted: 10/3/2019     Length: 3:04

Located in an office building in Denver, Colorado, Russell’s Xpress is an unmanned convenience store operated by HJB Convenience.

Amazon Go is not the only convenience store concept to introduce frictionless checkout, nor was it the first. Russell’s Xpress is an unmanned c-store concept that owner Raymond Huff and his team launched in 2015. The store is stocked with snacks, confections, beverages and general merchandise for grabbing and going—the perfect selection for office workers who want to quickly and conveniently satisfy their food and thirst needs.

To enter the unmanned store, customers are required to enter their phone number or the number for the office they are visiting inside the building. Customers grab the items they want, scan the UPC at one of two checkouts and pay using credit or debit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.