Posted: 10/12/2023     Length: 04:48

At Wally’s, it’s easy to see why the retailer has dubbed itself the Home of the Great American Road Trip. From the branding, store layout and design, to the foodservice, clean bathrooms and own-brand merchandise, Wally’s brings back childhood memories of family road trips.

Wally’s has two locations: one it Fenton, Missouri, featured in this Ideas 2 Go video, and one in Pontiac, Illinois. The Fenton store is about 36,000 square feet with more than 72 fueling positions and electric vehicle charging stations. Store design captures the feel of an ’80s family road trip, along with mid-century vibes.

“We want that first impression to be a smile on their face and know that they're entering a space that's comfortable, exciting and a new experience, and we hope that experience is something the guest hasn't experienced before,” said Chad Wallis, chairman of the board at Wally’s.