Posted: 10/4/2022     Length: 03:24

Amazon brought its Just Walk Out and Amazon One frictionless technologies to T-Mobile Park for the first time at a Major League Baseball ballpark. The innovative technologies are featured at the venue’s new Walk-Off Market, which is designed to eliminate lines and allow fans to enjoy baseball.  

“This type of buying experience is new for us but desperately needed,” said Malcolm Rogel, vice president of fan experience for the Seattle Mariners. “It's different than football and soccer where you have a half…so we needed something that can get food and beverages to the fans quick so they can be back to their seat in no time,” he explained.  

The Walk-Off Market is stocked with a wide selection of beer, from craft to domestic and imports, as well as Northwest wines and ready-to-drink cocktails. The store also features a variety of Coca-Cola products, grab-and-go snacks, hot dogs, nachos, soft pretzels and Mariners-branded merchandise.