Posted: 10/4/2022     Length: 04:45

Single-store operator Anthony Perrine became a two-store operator in April with the opening of a new Lou Perrine’s Gas and Groceries convenience store in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The location taps into the history of the company that his grandfather built with nods of nostalgic in store décor and aesthetics.  

“We are a community hub where people come together. My grandpa used to say they’re not just a customer, they’re family. There’s an emotional attachment to them—we want them to feel like family and we want to get to know them as if they were our family,” said Perrine.  

While staying grounded in the values his grandfather established, the second store gave Perrine a chance to showcase his vision for the company.  

“This new store gave me the freedom to have fun and get creative, because I think it adds massive value to the customers. …  I rode the coattails of my dad and my grandpa. I really want to be able to put my name out there and make my bones my way in a unique fashion,” he said.