Posted: 10/4/2022     Length: 05:16

La Crosse, Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip’s 800th store showcases its third-generation concept. The store, located in Holmes, WI, is roughly 2,000 square feet larger at about 9,000 square feet, features an updated color scheme as well as a new flooring and ample space for customers to shop the store.  

“Giving guests room to move felt easier and more comfortable than our previous stores where things were a little tight at times,” said Carl Rick, training manager and owner at Kwik Trip. “We really opened the store a lot, which with COVID-19 helped a lot. People liked more space,” he said. 

The new store also allows Kwik Trip to focus on food—especially the dinner daypart.   

“We have expanded to fresh chicken in all our stores,” said John McHugh, director of public relations. In terms of meal solutions, he says that Kwik Trip wants to be known for more than chicken and pizza, and that includes fresh meats. “For those who still like to grill out in the evening, you can stop at Kwik Trip and get steaks, hamburgers and your chicken breasts. We want to be known as the full meal solution for all your options, not just a few,” he said.