Giant Goes Vending

For its new VendMart outlet in Singapore, the supermarket chain has added more than a dozen vending machines.
October 18, 2017

TAMPINES, Singapore – Giant is operating 17 vending machines at its new VendMart location, Retail News Asia reports, with five additional ones at its IMM location in Jurong, Singapore.

The grocery store chain is testing the machines at least until the end of the year. Customers can pay for food, grooming products, beauty items and toys. For example, machines stock healthful snacks from BoxGreen, herbal teas from JuicyFresh by Royal Vending, ice cream from Happy Ice, Japanese canned oden from Ninja Oden, pizza slies from Shiok Pizza and salted egg prawn tempura popiah from Mr. Popiah

Kids can get DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Star Wars toys from Tenacity Toys. Customers can try their hand at the claw scoop from Bus Carnival claw. Still more vending machines dispense DIY gardening kits and seedlings by Farmily; fish food by Dajana; essential oils, halal teas and headscarves by Vibes Mastery; and men’s grooming products by SGPomades.

The chain also has a $10 mystery box vending machine that has household appliances, kitchen gadgets and shopping vouchers. Also, one customer will win a new iPhone 8.

Many brands with products in the vending machines are local startups. If response is positive, Giant may keep the vending machines around through the Chinese New Year.