7 Tips to Grow Sales of Better-For-You Options

Better-for-you products that offer a healthier alternative to snacks, confections, foods and beverages have come a long way in the convenience channel.

From global suppliers to local producers, there are ample opportunities for retailers to source products that engage customers who are looking for a healthier choice at their favorite convenience store.   

Bananas.jpg1. Where Can You Add More Choice?

Healthy foods are not just fresh fruits and veggies. Center store categories like confections, salty snacks and alternative snacks also deliver better-for-you snacking options.

2. Stay On Top of Trends
From Keto to gluten-free to protein-rich, health trends are great occasions for building grab-and-go product sets that deliver a quick fill-in snacking option or meal replacement for time-starved, health-conscious customers.

3. Start the Day Off Right
Breakfast has become a popular daypart for better-for-you fare, especially among consumers who are health-focused for their first meal of the day. Products packed with protein, nutrition bars and foodservice options with eggs and lower sodium meats are good options for morning pick-me-ups.

4. No Fries With That Shake?
Consumers love to customize their food choices. Fresh prepared salads that are customizable with toppings, dressings, protein, etc., are a good option, as well as letting customers know if a lower-calorie substitution is available (ex., a “bunless” burger, an apple or side salad instead of French fries).

fruit-cups.jpg5. Cross-Merchandise Healthier Choices
Better-for-you product displays adjacent to pick-up counters or near the register make it easier for customers to pick up fresh snacks or low-calorie/low-sugar beverages with their prepared food orders.

6. Quench Their Thirst
In recent years, innovation within packaged water has exploded with functional, premium and enhanced waters that reflect your customers’ health and wellness aspirations.

7. Work With Your Distributors
Don’t hesitate to let your distributors know what your customers are demanding, and how they can work with you to bring more better-for-you options to store shelves.

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