QuikTrip Launches More Remote Travel Centers

The 30% larger stores have opened in three cities so far, with nine more scheduled through 2021.

May 14, 2021

QuikTrip Store and Gas Pumps

JOPLIN, Mo.—QuikTrip is expanding its remote travel center network, the Wichita Eagle reports. These locations are about 30% bigger than the usual 4,100-to-5,700 square-foot store footprints.

“The main difference is size,” said Aisha Jefferson-Smith, a spokesperson for QuikTrip Corp. “The remote travel center locations on average are about 8,000 square feet.”

The travel centers have a larger QT Kitchen and more diesel bays and gas pumps. Three have been opened so far in Joplin, Mo., Lindale, Texas and Shreveport, La.

QuikTrip plans to open at least nine more remote travel centers by the end of 2021, including one in Little Rock, Ark.

“The Travel Center allows us to create meaningful connections with our new local customers in Shreveport, but also serve travelers in this busy part of the country,” said Amy Gulizia, division manager for QT’s Remote Store Network, in a press release about the Shreveport opening last month.

QT created its new store model specifically for highly traveled areas of the country that are also within a reasonable proximity to a QT Distribution Center for access to fresh food.

QuikTrip isn’t the only c-store chain expanding. Sheetz, Wawa and Allsup’s have all added new stores in the past six months. Cumberland Farms, Duchess and Rutter’s have been expanding their footprint, as well. Also in Joplin, in April, Casey’s opened its third distribution center to service 600 stores and bring 125 jobs to the area.

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