Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Executive Education programs will follow COVID-19 prevention protocols. 

June 17, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—This fall, NACS will host its five Executive Education programs, designed to help attendees hone the skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. NACS is working closely with host schools to ensure attendees stay safe and that COVID-19 prevention protocols are followed.

“With the universities, we’ve developed a robust set of FAQs that will help to answer a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios,” said Erin Pressley, NACS vice president of education and media. “We want current registrants and potential attendees to know that we’re working closely with all partners to provide a safe, in-person event that also delivers on the tremendous value NACS programming is known for.”

The FAQs for each program are similar in nature, but are specific to each location, including what each university’s COVID-19 preventive measures are. For all Executive Education programs, the cancellation date is September 1, 2020. Here are the links to each Executive Education program’s FAQs:

“We have thought through all possible scenarios and are taking every precaution possible to safeguard everyone onsite,” Pressley said. “We’re confident we can provide a safe, learning environment for attendees.”

Coronavirus Resources

NACS has compiled resources to help the convenience retail community navigate the COVID-19 crisis. For news updates and guidance, visit our coronavirus resources page.