New Research Explores How Retailers Use Technology

Reports address how c-stores use technology to solve business challenges and why it’s important to benchmark your tech adoption versus other retailers.

October 20, 2021

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Technology is an important part of convenience retail success. With the pandemic and competitor industries accelerating what consumers expect from a convenience store, retailers need to leverage technology to boost internal efficiency and adapt to evolving customer expectations.

But with so many hurdles thrown at retailers these days (looking at you labor shortages and supply chain issues), retailers need to learn how to understand the landscape of convenience retail technology and how other retailers are addressing challenges through technology, and they need to learn fast.

Enter NACS’ Convenience Retail Technology Implementation & Benchmarks reports.

The first report, “Building Convenience Retail Success Through Technology,” delivers important insights on how technology is impacting convenience retailers. This research explores:

  • Technology roadmap influence on preparedness
  • The challenges convenience retailers are solving with technology
  • How the allocation of technology spend impacts retailer success
  • Future technology adoption targets
The second report, “Convenience Retail Technology Implementation Mapping & RFP Guide,” reviews detailed benchmarks on the adoption of 41 convenience retail technologies. This research details:
  • The implementation stage of each technology
  • The relative level of difficulty to implement each technology
  • The perceived level of impact on the business for each technology
  • Considerations for crafting your next technology provider RFP and preparing for implementation
Both of these reports are completely free. Download them today.