Coca-Cola Freestyle Goes Mobile

Customers can order drinks from their phones.

May 06, 2021

Coca-Cola Freestyle

ATLANTA—Coca-Cola has enhanced its offerings of Freestyle beverage machines with a countertop model that features a new content management system, reports Announced in spring 2019 and a soft launch in 2020, the Coca-Cola Freestyle 7100 full commercial launch was pushed back until now because of the pandemic.

The scaled-down dispenser has a 24-inch high-definition touchscreen and also offers mobile technology that lets users select and pour drinks using their smartphone without an app or account, similar to other Freestyle machines, said Eric Lewis, marketing director, Coca-Cola Freestyle. The contactless feature helps meet the public’s growing concerns about contact with humans and surfaces.

An upgraded content management system is included in the dispenser that enables Coca-Cola to launch new “digital recipes” for custom mixes, as well as new brands over-the-air. The recipes could include special holiday beverages or even a special beverage for an individual retailer.

Retailers receive real-time precision diagnostics that identify how much product is left and an estimate of when it will run out based on the location’s specific usage directly from the machines. Coca-Cola is also notified when a flavor cartridge will need to be replaced.

Representatives for the Coca-Cola Freestyle work with retailers to manage the content shown on the dispenser and to help identify trends and consumer preferences and share consumption data.

As reported earlier this week in NACS Daily, the other side of the cola world is also working to provide consumers with food choices to accompany their beverages. PepsiCo is promoting its cold beverages as retailers move into the 100 days of summer. The beverage manufacturer recently launched Pep’s Place, an online fast-beverage restaurant which allows consumers in certain cities to order their favorite Pepsi beverage, along with a curated food item, and have it delivered to their door, a promotion that will run for 30 days.

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