Time to Evolve Your Content Strategy

Retailers should distribute their promotional materials in a cohesive way that draws customers into the store.

May 20, 2021

Nouria C-Store

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YORK, Maine—Today’s consumer expects more from their shopping experience, including being able to experience promotional and marketing materials in a variety of ways. “Forty-three percent of millennials and 38% of Gen Zs are influenced for store entry by promotional signage,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto Networks LLC. “If you haven’t updated your content recently or you’re relying on only one form—like printed materials—then you’re not reaching a large section of potential customers.”

How can you actively and regionally engage the people coming into your store? By meeting these consumers where they are. “These younger consumers expect a different kind of experience, including digital messaging, that’s often lacking in the convenience channel,” he said.

But developing a content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Sales pointed out five easy ways to create marketing materials that will increase in-store visits.

1. Bigger is better. Graphics should be large and colorful to capture the attention of customers. “There’s a lot of competition for eyes, so having displays dominated by big graphics and photos is essential,” he said.

2. Deliver locally relevant content. “You want to make sure you speak to the consumer in front of you, and not one two states over,” he explained. With today’s technology, it can be simple to tweak content to insert the local angle.

3. Target dayparts. Technology can also assist in showing coffee and donuts messaging in the mornings and lunch specials in the middle of the day. “Your customers expect to see ads for breakfast during the a.m. daypart and snacks after lunch,” Sales said.

4. Develop cohesive messaging. All content should have the same branding and underlying message. “You don’t want a customer confused as to whether the foodservice offer is for your store or a nearby QSR,” he said.

5. Utilize animation and video graphics. The younger generations expect to see digital messaging at retail locations, and convenience stores need to embrace that to stay relevant. “Other industries have upped their game when it comes to digital customer engagement, and it’s important for convenience retailers to do the same,” Sales said.

Retailers should remember that even if they have good content, if it doesn’t catch the attention of the customer, then it’s not doing its job. “Content should actively and regionally engage the consumer, as well as deliver sales,” he said. “Your content should create an environment that encourages the person to walk into the store.”

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