Keeping Customers Onsite for Foodservice

How retailers can use clear communication about quality food offers to stop leakage to QSRs.

May 18, 2021

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YORK, Maine—In 2020, 35% of convenience shoppers reported they planned a fast-food restaurant visit within 30 minutes of their current store trip, according to NACS Convenience Voices mobile shopper intercepts data. For retailers with onsite food, this represents a lost opportunity to convert that shopper to their own quality foodservice offer.

“We know of one convenience retailer who ended up with a Wendy’s advertisement on its fuel dispenser video loop for the location across the street—even though that retailer had its own proprietary foodservice steps away from the pumps,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto Networks LLC. “This retailer failed to get their own message out there to its own customers.”

In a case study conducted by Abierto Networks, participants shopped at a convenience retailer and reported back on how the store communicated its foodservice offering, among other messages.

“Overall, using our OPEN.LED signage, the store delivered on its brand of being new, modern and clean with healthy food options,” he said. “The sign reinforced their current perception of the location as being clean, spacious, well-organized and well-stocked.”

Particularly beneficial to the retailer in the case study was the conversion rate of the participants to a foodservice purchase. “Nearly all of the study participants made an in-store purchase, with two of the four sandwich buys completely unplanned and triggered by signage,” Sales said. “This underscores the importance of communicating to forecourt customers a retailer’s onsite foodservice offer.”

However, retailers need to reach today’s consumer with more than a list of specials or deals. “It takes an average of three to five times before a customer notices your promotion, so make sure to have your foodservice offers displayed in several areas in and around your forecourt and store,” Sales said.

The key to keeping those food dollars at your store is to put your foodservice menu in front of customers wherever they happen to be on your site. “If you’re not telling them through multiple ways that you have a fully functioning, hot-food restaurant, you will continue to lose customers to the nearest QSR,” he said.

This is the first installment of a two-part series about Abierto Networks’s new OPEN.CMS! software. Click here for more on OPEN.CMS!.