AiFi, Żabka Launch Autonomous C-Store in Poland

Żabka plans continued rollout of checkout-free stores using AiFi's technology.

June 18, 2021

Żabka's Convenience Store Sign

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—AiFi in tandem with Żabka has officially launched Żabka's first autonomous convenience store in Poznan, Poland. The 210-square-foot NanoStore will be situated between a trade-fair center and train station, servicing commuters on the go with fresh coffee and snacks.

AiFi's NanoStores are fully autonomous, portable stores that are ready to be shipped and set up at any location. They include all of the AI-enabled hardware and software needed to quickly open a checkout-free, automated store anywhere it fits. AiFi and Żabka plan to continue rolling-out a format that will be a combination of NanoStores and Żabka's micro markets powered by AiFi.

“Żabka is one of the fastest growing retail brands in the world, and we're very excited to bring the prototypes that we've been developing together to life in Poznan,” said Steve Gu, co-founder and CEO at AiFi, in a press release. “Żabka was interested in our NanoStores because they wanted to bring convenient autonomous shopping close to their customers and make operations easier. This is the future of retail.”

The partnership involves integrating AiFi's autonomous store platform with the Żappka App, which has over 5 million users. After scanning to enter, the computer vision-powered cameras around the store will observe and track the items that customers place in their shopping bags. Once done shopping, customers can walk out and will receive a receipt in their app and email within minutes. On the back end, AiFi's technology will notify the store when products are running low to prevent out-of-stocks of popular items as well as optimize the product mix and improve operating margins.

“The solution we created together is designed to meet our customers' expectations by offering them the most advanced, convenient and fastest shopping experience on the market,” said Tomasz Blicharski, managing director of Żabka Future.

AiFi has 15 stores internationally with brands such as Choice Market, Carrefour, Wundermart and Loop Neighborhood, in addition to Żabka. Choice Market has been featured in NACS’ Ideas 2 Go series.