Coca-Cola Relaunches Coke Insiders Subscription Program

The service gives members early access to new flavors and fun collectable items like stickers.

January 22, 2021

ATLANTA—Coca-Cola has re-launched its Coke Insiders subscription program, reports. The service delivers one box a month for three months. According to the Coke Insiders website, “each Insiders Club box features 3 new or limited-edition products before they hit the shelves nationwide. Plus, fun swag, and an exclusive virtual experience with a celebrity will be included each month.”

“The push for Coke over the next year or two will be getting to understand their customers. They've relied on the supply chain of dealing through a variety of retailers,” said CEO Brian Bogosian about the relaunch. “Now that they're seeing that supply chain interrupted to some degree, I think this is a great opportunity for them to collect the data to understand their consumers’ needs, wants and desires relative to how these things are packaged, bundled and priced.”

Subscription models have become even more popular for consumer product companies like Coke because it allows the company to connect directly to the consumer. “This is stuff they would otherwise spend anyway, and they're getting a more convenient method of delivery,” Bogosian said. “People still look at the convenience factor. That has been the fuel behind Amazon's growth—the ability to go, click, buy and wait for it to arrive.”

Customers also enjoy the element of surprise, as many subscription programs give a basic idea as to what will be in each box, along with the promise of something unique and fun. Coke Insiders has proven popular, with a wait list to get into the program.

“I believe firms like Coca-Cola, which have tremendous marketing resources and research, will end up delivering a variety of different bundles,” Bogosian said. “I think the flexibility of being able to provide the pricing options, alternatives and product mixes will be tremendously important for consumers going forward.”

As NACS Daily reported, Coca-Cola’s initial launch of the Coca-Cola Insiders Club in December 2019 sold out within hours.