Amazon Adds Palm-Based Payment to More Locations

Its Amazon One contactless payment option soon will be available in eight Seattle-area stores.

February 08, 2021

SEATTLE—Amazon will be expanding its Amazon One contactless payment option to several more stores in the Seattle area, Chain Store Age reports. In September, Amazon debuted its Amazon One palm-signature payment method at two Amazon Go stores in Seattle. Currently, the proprietary technology that allows customers to pay or present a loyalty card using their palm print is at an additional five Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star locations in the same geographic area.

Starting this week, the retailer is putting Amazon One in another Amazon Go store, with two more Amazon Go locations being added in the coming weeks. Customers sign up in stores at Amazon One kiosks or devices with a credit card before scanning their palms and linking their mobile phone number to finalize the signup.

The technology uses the scan to create a unique palm signature that can be read each time a customer waves his hand over the machine. Amazon One protects customer data via multiple security methods, including encrypting palm images in an offsite, secure cloud location.

“Since launching Amazon One a few months ago, we’ve heard great feedback from customers who say how easy it is to enroll and how much they like having Amazon One as a contactless option that makes their shopping trips even faster and more convenient,” said Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retail & technology at Amazon. “We’re excited to bring Amazon One to more customers at more of our store locations in the Seattle area.”

Across the globe in Australia, Amazon is deploying “distant assistant” technology in its local fulfilment centers that helps employees be aware of social distancing practices, reports Inside Retail. Using artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning, the program measures the distance between people as they pass in front of a camera, and judges whether they are sufficiently far enough apart.

“Social distancing is a learned behavior, and this ‘distance assistant’ will continue to enhance our safety practices and also empower our team to improve social distancing,” said Craig Fuller, Amazon Australia’s director of operations.

Inside Retail says Amazon “has made the program open source and freely downloadable to anyone with a computer and a camera.”