Hotel C-Store Uses Biometric Checkout

The Japanese store is using multi-biometric authentication technology, along with facial recognition.

February 12, 2021

YOKOHAMA, Japan—At the Yokohama Techno Tower Hotel in Yokohama, Japan, guests can pay for a bento box meal by waving their hand, Ris News reports. The Koyo Group, along with Zippin and Fujitsu, developed the Green Leaves+ c-store within the hotel.

After entering their credit-card data, customers unlock the store’s entrance through a QR code in a smartphone app. The app taps into multi-biometric authentication technology and facial recognition to link the user’s palm to the system. Once registration has been complete, shoppers simply swipe their palm to enter the store and pay for their purchases.

Currently, the shoppers spend on average 113 seconds inside the store selecting their pre-packaged food and beverages. The shop will officially open in April.

“Any store that provides all-hours access is an ideal location for checkout-free technology, because the stores can be kept open without having to maintain staffing levels, especially in off-peak periods. The opportunities are endless,” the company said.

Koyo operates a chain of convenience stores and restaurants in more than 500 hospitals. The Green Leaves+ store is part of an expansion plan to bring new foodservice concepts into hospitals.

In the United States, Amazon recently announced it would be expanding its Amazon One contactless payment, including checking out by waving your hand to more stores this year.