Learn About Cool New Products in Foodservice in a New Video

An on-demand webcast showcases what’s trending in the foodservice category.

February 01, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Don’t miss this first of three free webcasts from NACS that feature foodservice category trends and new product introductions of some of the hottest new items to hit c-store shelves. The NACS Cool New Products Webcast: Foodservice showcases some of the largest suppliers and some exciting new entrants—in just 10 minutes.

“From chicken to breakfast options, we’ve got product ideas that will help grow sales and keep your customers happy and hungry for more,” said host Carolyn Schnare, NACS director, strategic initiatives.

NACS State of the Industry Data for 2020 shows that foodservice represents more than 25% of inside sales for convenience stores.

“The million dollar question seems to be, what’s next for foodservice?” Schnare asked. “And while we don’t have a crystal ball to give us all the answers, these new products might help you future proof your business.”

Discover new products and services from Core-Mark, The Great Spirits Baking Company, Johnsonville, Sargento and Van’s Kitchen.

Watch the 10-minute Foodservice webcast for free now.