Pizza From a Vending Machine

New concept tackles a need in Europe: pizza at night.

August 31, 2021


ROME—Rome is known for a lot of things, including delicious pizza. But pizza is not available 24/7 in the Italian city. To solve that comes the latest in late night pies—Mr. Go, a hot pizza vending machine.

According to, the Mr. Go vending machine can pump out four types of pizza whenever you feel like having one. The vending machine is equipped with untiring metal "hands" that spin and stretch dough, add on toppings and fire it all to a crisp, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, how does it work? A CNN travel reporter went to find out.

The vending machine Mr. Go is the brainchild of entrepreneur Massimo Bucolo, a Sicilian living in Rome. "There was a hole in the market,” said Bucolo. “Although Rome is an important city, there was nothing [foodwise] available through the night. We never wanted to compete with a classic pizzeria."

Mr. Go’s product is not a real Roman pizza, Bucolo said. It’s more like a combination of a pizza and a piadina, the pizza-sized flatbreads from the Emilia-Romagna region. True pizza is tossed by hand and seared in a wood-fired oven, a process that doesn't lend itself to being cooked by a vending machine. And using only pizza dough without the flat-bread add-in would clog up Mr. Go’s insides.

According to the reporter, Mr. Go sits in its own little archway, with pop music blasting. Every two or three days it's totally dismantled, and the interior is completely cleaned and sanitized. There are both Italian and English instructions on the exterior to explain the process.

Mr. Go contains enough flour and water to make 100 pizzas in one of four flavors: classic margherita, quattro formaggi (with four types of cheese), spicy salami and pancetta. The quattro formaggi is the most expensive at $7. Pizza toppings are premixed, prearranged and stored on plastic discs kept in the 'backstage' refrigerator. The entire process to cook and prepare a pie takes about three minutes.

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