Booster Fuels Tests Mobile Gas Service With Safeway

The grocer is allowing the company to set up shop in several Safeway parking lots in Seattle.

August 25, 2021

Booster Fuels

SEATTLE—Booster Fuels has expanded to partnering with Safeway to provide its mobile gas service to customers in the grocery chain’s parking lots in Seattle, AdMet reports. The service company usually works with employers to fill up employee vehicles in nonpublic company parking lots or refuel company fleet vehicles.

Recently, Washington state regulators made it easier for companies like Booster Fuels to provide cellular fueling. Booster Fuels brings in one of its tanks to one of three Seattle-area Safeway car parking zones. Customers pay for a fill-up via their smartphone and the Booster Fuels app. A Booster worker then pumps the gas. Currently, Booster Fuels and Safeway say there are no plans to expand beyond the three locations.

Booster prices its fuel based on the average per-gallon cost from the three nearest gas stations. The company now has a presence in eight markets with more than 300 business clients and more than 200 employees. Earlier this year, Booster announced a new on-demand EV charging option to its portfolio.

Other companies have jumped on the fuel-directly-to-consumer bandwagon, including options for EVs. For example, SparkCharge sees convenience stores as essential partners in both mobile charging and charging hubs, especially for its BoostEV app and Roadie portable chargers.

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