EV Charging Goes Mobile

SparkCharge brings the charging directly to EV drivers via mobile units.

May 19, 2021

Bushes shaped like Electric Vehicle at Charging Station

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As the Biden Administration embarks on an ambitious effort to deploy more than half a million electric charging stations across America, convenience retailers are asking how and when they should invest in this technology. But what about asking how to bring the charging directly to the consumer?

“We want to accelerate the rapid growth of electric vehicle adoption,” said Joshua Aviv, certified data scientist and founder and CEO of SparkCharge, in this week’s Convenience Matters podcast, “Making Electric Vehicle Charging More Convenient.”

“In order to do that, you have to remove those barriers to infrastructure and you have to remove those barriers around where, when and how the electric vehicle owner charges their car,” he said.

Aviv, who also appeared in a recent episode of Carpool Chats from the Fuels Institute, said his company believes that to accelerate the adoption of EVs, “you have to bring the charger to the electric vehicle owner. … It’s really about building an infrastructure that’s meant to give the electric vehicle owner freedom.”

SparkCharge sees convenience stores as essential partners in both mobile charging and charging hubs, especially for its BoostEV app and Roadie portable chargers.

“We’re talking about a new level of convenience around electric vehicle ownership that combines the owner with the c-store together,” he said. Right now, “it’s two years to get a charging station installed due to the high demand. So if you can make the charging station live on the phone and you can allow the electric vehicle owner the charge on their time, then you’ve just solved a huge problem.”

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