Top Food Trends for Next 10 Years

Family dinners, less alcohol consumption and plant-based foods will reign.

September 11, 2020

NEW YORK—What will the next decade bring in terms of food trends? The Wall Street Journal reports on some of the top food trends to keep an eye on in the coming years.

1. Alcohol consumption will fall. “A more mindful, health-conscious generation of drinkers will continue to drive a shift away from Martinis and Manhattans toward low- and no-alcohol choices,” the Journal reports.

2. Return of the family meal. The pandemic’s lockdown resulted in families once again sharing an evening meal together. “As remote work becomes more prevalent, the ritual will continue, advancing a whole generation’s kitchen skills for the long haul,” according to the Journal.

3. Regional fare will flourish. Diners will embrace even more specific food concepts based on regions. “Diners will dig even further into hyper-specific food concepts, those driven by authentic personal narrative and/or a highly particular cultural context,” the newspaper reports.

4. Restaurants will be more than places to eat. The pandemic forced eateries to think beyond serving dine-in customers, and “restaurants will continue to find new ways to serve their communities, extending their purview beyond sit-down dining to offerings like meal kits, cooking classes, wine clubs and food retail,” according to the Journal.

5. Zero-waste will go mainstream. Consumers will demand more biodegradable delivery packaging, among other waste conscious initiatives.

6. Plants will rule. While the shift to eat more plants, rather than animal protein, isn’t new, plant-based meat and dairy substitutes will continue to improve and grow.