Contactless Fresh Salad Bars

Sally the robot helps retailers reclaim their salad bars. 

October 28, 2020

HAYWARD, Calif.—With the coronavirus shuttering self-serve options like hot food bars and salad bars, Chowbotics has developed a robot to bring back the salad bar, Winsight Grocery Business reports. The company has created a mobile app for contactless ordering, while also increasing the robot’s menu capabilities. In addition, Chowbotics added a large format video interface to help customer engagement at a social distance.

“Through these new capabilities, Chowbotics continues to propel its mission of fresh food accessibility anytime, anywhere, bringing capabilities to foodservice and prepared food teams that were otherwise limited by new food safety challenges,” according to the company.

The app now has menus as well as the ability to order from the closest “Sally” robot location. After ordering, customers pick up after scanning a QR code. “We realized that with the pandemic there was growing demand for a contactless ordering experience,” said Chowbotics CEO Rick Wilmer. “Customers greatly appreciate the custom nature of Sally’s made-to-order meals and easy-to-use interface, but they also want to reduce surface-contacts, which our contactless ordering experience provides.”

Chowbotics’ culinary team updated the menu to include dishes like Thai Noodle Salad, Three Bean Salad and Smoked Brisket Bowl. “Sally also offers some very unique capabilities and opens a new, creative world for foodservice teams. We’re working directly with clients to develop menus that cater to their specific audiences and address their dietary preferences,” said Kang Kuan, vice president of culinary for Chowbotics.