7-Eleven Singapore Rolls Out Reusable, Portable Tumbler

It’s made from 100% recyclable materials and will last 10 years.

July 07, 2020

SINGAPORE—The government of Singapore has asked citizens to bring their own
reusable food containers when purchasing food at stores. To make that easy for them, Singapore 7-Eleven stores have rolled out a reusable and portable tumbler made from 100% recyclable materials, reports Alvinology.com.

Most people think disposable paper cups are eco-friendly, but there is a thin plastic or wax film on the inner surface that makes a paper cup waterproof. Because of that, most paper recycling plants can’t process the cups, and they end up being incinerated or sent to landfill. By comparison, the 7Café Tumbler is designed for up to 10 years of use. The outer thermal insulation layer is created from used paper coffee cups making it reusable and 100% recyclable.

The tumbler is designed to allow the user to open it with one hand, and its insulation layer made of recycled paper cups ensures that the drink inside will stay warm (or cold) for at least 45 minutes. The 7Café tumbler has also done away with the pesky lid opening that most of its competitors feature, instead giving users a 360-degree drinking experience.

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