Publix Expands Digital Deli Counter in Florida

In a partnership with Instacart, customers can receive customized sandwiches with their groceries.

January 27, 2020

ORLANDO, Fla.—One year ago, Publix launched its first “digital deli counter” in Orlando—delivering “pub subs” to customers’ doors via Instacart. After proven success, the company is now rolling out the fresh meal delivery and pickup platform throughout the state and plans to open it up throughout the Southeast in the coming months.

Grocery Dive reports that the feature, through Instacart Meals, is accessible via Instacart’s existing app and enables customers to build and customize their own sandwiches and then add them to the rest of their grocery order. For Publix, the technology is integrated with existing infrastructure: Staff behind the deli counter see it as any other order they receive, no additional process needed.

Another feature? Instacart Meals also includes a "smart cart combo" that automatically offers customers promos, discounts and combo options when they check out.

The collaboration with Publix is one of Instacart’s first moves toward a grocery meal delivery service, which includes made-to-order food from grocers. Instacart Meals will likely include additional retailers in 2020.