Electric Vehicles, Privacy Top Issues Facing Industry

C-store retailers will share their key concerns with Congress at NACS Day on the Hill.

January 22, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—What are the top issues facing the convenience and fuel retailing industry this year? Privacy and electric vehicles. “Policies that impact transportation energy—what and how to sell, store, label, dispense, price and tax fuel—and policies that shape how businesses engage with their customers and their information can have a dramatic impact on the industry,” said Paige Anderson, NACS director of government relations. “Proposals regarding electric vehicles and privacy are at a pivotal point in the legislative process, and your participation in 2020 NACS Day on the Hill will influence the outcome of these proposals.”

As Congress works on legislation relating to electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure, the convenience and fuel retailing industry must be part of the solution in providing any type of transportation energy that customers want. “During the NACS Day on the Hill, attendees will be asking their members of Congress to ensure the private sector is able to compete in order to spur investment and development of electric charging infrastructure and to remove barriers that disincentivize private sector investment,” Anderson said. 

With so many states passing their own consumer data privacy bills, Congress is considering proposals to create a federal privacy law. Almost every type of industry, including the convenience industry, handles some form of consumer information every day. As a consumer-facing industry, any federal data privacy framework must ensure that customers are able to receive all the products and services they expect from retailers—including discounts or enhanced services they earn from being loyal customers. 

“In our meetings on Capitol Hill, we will be asking members of Congress to make sure that any federal privacy laws apply to all industry sectors without exemptions and that the legislation preserves the ability of our customers to choose to participate in loyalty and rewards programs,” Anderson said.

This year’s event will be March 10-11 in Washington, D.C. Registration for the 2020 NACS Day on the Hill is open now until Feb. 17, 2020.