Valuable Feedback Straight From Your Frontline

Two-way mobile communication enables sharing best practices while keeping employees engaged.

January 16, 2020

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Are you tapping into the goldmine of ideas and knowledge from your frontline associates across store locations? According to Nudge Rewards, retailers who are adept at soliciting and implementing feedback from their frontline optimize a variety of outcomes, such as customer experience, upsell opportunities and execution of in-market initiatives. 

As consumer lifestyles continue to diversify, the convenience retailers who lead the pack are able to keep pace with evolving product mixes that resonate at a local level. Who better to make recommendations than the people who interact with customers each and every day? After all, each store is unique, and your frontline can offer some of the very best ideas and feedback. 

Store associates gather valuable customer insights on a daily basis. Historically, they haven’t had an easy way of sharing their learnings and ideas, especially outside of their immediate team. “Our mobile solution is built on behavior theory, social mechanics and gamification to deliver highly effective employee campaigns that resonate with and empower your store employees,” said Jordan Ekers, chief customer officer at Nudge Rewards. “We use this framework to help retailers give their frontline a voice in the company.”

This approach can really pay off. “The retailers who value the feedback of their frontline are rewarded with impactful ideas they can scale and replicate in an agile way,” said Ekers. “A leading foodservice provider, for example, lifted snack sales by 44% in a few weeks across Nudge-enabled locations by running a mobile employee campaign focused on exchanging merchandising best practices. Frontline employees had a quick and easy way to share proven tips and photos with teammates across the country, allowing other locations to replicate and scale the winning ideas.”

Workplace insights on the most agile companies also show that organizations that co-create experiences with staff are more effective at optimizing their desired outcomes, with the added benefits of increased employee engagement. Against the backdrop of the lowest unemployment rate in decades, established two-way communication pathways and feedback loops are a competitive advantage for an employer seeking to attract and retain talent in the current job market. 

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This is the second installment of a two-part series about the importance of frontline staff to a retailer’s success. Read the first article, which ran in the Jan. 14 edition of NACS Daily, here.