Retailers Find Tangible Benefits in Empowering Staff

Engage frontline employees and turn them into your store’s positive cheerleaders.

January 14, 2020

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TORONTO, Ontario—Convenience retailers know the personal connection staff have with customers has a direct impact on traffic and sales, but many operators leave the quality of that connection to chance. “Frontline staff are the first impression a customer gets about your store,” said Jordan Ekers, chief customer officer at Nudge Rewards. “As the convenience marketplace becomes more competitive, your frontline staff can be a key differentiator to your success.”

With consistent, ongoing communication to reinforce what matters, every frontline employee can be instrumental in influencing brand loyalty and repeat customers for your store. Research shows that U.S. consumers prefer to frequent retailers with good customer service. A 2018 survey by PwC IT Foresight found that when asked, “How big of an impact do a company’s employees have on your overall customer experience?,” 71% of respondents choose “significant impact.”

Associates have tremendous influence in the conversion activities that take place inside your store. “When retailers view employees as an extension of their brand, they empower their staff to deliver a better customer service experience,” said Ekers. “The human factor between customers and store employees plays an important part in the battle for consumer dollars.” According to NACS State of the Industry data, foodservice sales account for nearly 23% of in-store sales—and an engaged and knowledgeable frontline staff can develop this key growth category into a strong differentiator for your stores.

One way retailers can ensure an engaged workforce is with continual reinforcement of brand messaging and specific offers. Nudge Rewards recommends mobile campaigns (delivered on employees’ smartphones) to give store associates easily digestible snippets of information on a regular basis that, well, nudge the employees toward better job performance.

“By targeting employees with short snippets of mobile content on a recurring basis, retailers can help them stay on top of new directives, in-store promotions and other time-sensitive materials while performing their normal tasks,” said Ekers. “The result is a better-informed workforce that can focus more on the customer interaction and in-store execution.”

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This is the first installment of a two-part series about the importance of frontline staff to a retailer’s success. Look for more on this topic in the Jan. 16 edition of NACS Daily.