Casey’s Pushes E-Commerce

With a new loyalty program, the chain hopes to keep the connection with customers strong.

January 15, 2020

ANKEY, Iowa—Last week, Casey’s General Stores Inc. launched its new reward loyalty program that’s tied in with its existing e-commerce ordering platform. CEO Darren Rebelez discussed the new initiative on CNBC, Yahoo! Finance/CNBC reports.

“We don’t get too hung up on the sales of gasoline, but for the inside sales, really it’s all about differentiating our product assortment to meet the needs of the guests in our local communities,” Rebelez said in the interview. “We operate primarily in smaller towns and some midsize cities, so we enjoy a pretty favorable competitive environment compared to some of the larger metro areas.”

When asked why Casey’s is focusing on a digital loyalty program, Rebelez said, “Consumers want convenience, and convenience comes in a lot of different forms, and part of that experience is being more technological[ly] enabled. Our guests want an e-commerce platform where they can order that great, famous Casey’s pizza…. About six months ago, we launched our new mobile app with our e-commerce platform and this week, we launched our rewards program.”

The program is important to Casey’s bottom line because it “builds loyalty and frequency,” he said. “You can use those points for cents off gasoline or you can convert it into Casey’s cash and get discounts in the store. But we have a unique twist because of the role we play in the communities we serve. You can convert those points into what we call Cash for Classrooms, which enables guests to donate [that cash] to a local school in their community.”