Krispy Kreme Debuts Doughnut Delivery

On Leap Day, the chain will begin offering nationwide delivery of fresh donuts.

February 26, 2020

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.—Starting Feb. 29, Krispy Kreme will deliver fresh doughnuts across the nation, USA Today reports. The delivery will be limited to close proximity to a U.S. store, meaning within 10 miles of one of the 350 locations in 42 states in most cases. Doordash will bring boxed coffee and donuts by the dozen for a $4.99 delivery fee for most stores.

Customers will use the Krispy Kreme website or app to place an order, which can be for delivery or pickup (without a fee). The chain first tested delivery in 2018.

“We are adamant about our doughnuts being fresh, which is one of the reasons we haven't done this before we were sure we had a third-party partner that could help us ensure that every one of those doughnuts was delivered fresh and always fresh right from the store after it was made,” said Dave Skena, chief marketing officer.

The chain has plans to open 450 new stores across the globe by the close of 2022. A flagship store will debut in New York City’s Time Square with the “world’s largest Hot Light” and a waterfall of glaze.