7-Eleven to Take Private Labels to New Heights

The private labels, 24/7 Life and 7-Select, are expected to bring in big revenue and expand on 7-Eleven’s mission.

February 19, 2020

IRVING, Texas—7-Eleven sees a strong future in its store brands. Last December, the chain debuted a new private label brand—24/7 Life, into which the company will roll all of its nonfood products to create a clear separation with its packaged foods brand, 7-Select. Now, those private labels are expected to exceed expectations in sales, Store Brands reports.

“This year, 7-Eleven expects to exceed $1 billion in private brand sales,” said Jack Stout, senior vice president of merchandising and demand chain. A dozen years after the chain dipped its toes into the private-label business, the company now stocks around 1,500 products in total.

“As our assortment grew to nearly 1,500 products, we recognized an opportunity to separate 7-Eleven private brand products into two categories and bring nonfood items under one label,” Stout said. “7-Select continues to serve as our innovative and trusted line of food and beverage products, while 24/7 Life is an expansive assortment of nonfood products that fit the needs of our customers varying lifestyles.”

The chains views the store brands as an extension of its mission. “[We are] obsessed with making life easier [for our customers],” Stout said. The 24/7 line carries more than 200 items, such as OTC medicines, cleaning products, paper goods wine accessories, batteries, beauty products, office supplies, travel-size toiletries and health-and-wellness products. The four categories of electronics under the 24/7 brand have been the most popular among stores so far.

“With 7-Select as our primary packaged food brand, we continue to build equity in that category as we introduce innovative offerings,” he said. “Similarly, the assortment of products under the 24/7 Life brand will constantly be evolved and diversified to appeal to the nonfoods needs of customers.”