7-Eleven Announces New Private Label

The brand, 24/7 LIFE, will include more than 200 products.

December 09, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—7-Eleven is releasing a new private brand name that will include more than 200 non-food products. The retailer said the 24/7 LIFE will coexist alongside the existing 7-Select private brand name, which was introduced 15 years ago.

The new non-food private brand will include electronic devices and toiletries, over-the-counter medication, cleaning supplies and other non-food items. 7-Select, on the other hand, will still encompass the company’s packaged foods and beverages. A select number of non-food products that currently claim the 7-Select name will swap brand names.

According to Store Brands, the new private brand name electronics accessories will include ear buds, speakers, wireless charging pads, cables, phone mounts and screen cleaning kits. Non-food items range from OTC medicines, pain-relief medicines, batteries, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, paper goods, office supplies, wine accessories, travel-size toiletries and more.

“We provide customers with what they want, when they want it—24/7, for life’s needs,” said Tim Cogil, senior director of private brands at 7-Eleven. “Whether that’s wireless earbuds on the way to the airport, medicine for a sick child, sunscreen at the beach or detergent for laundry, 7-Eleven has the products they need at a terrific value.”

The Irving, Texas-based c-store said the new products will be available at all participating 7-Eleven stores but will be targeted to areas near hotels, airports and stadiums.

Private labels are growing in popularity among consumers. As previously reported in NACS Daily, “more retailers are embracing store brands for everything from chips to cheese to wine—and consumers are snapping up the private-label products over name brands.”