Coca-Cola Launches Sprite Ginger

The new flavor pairs the lemon lime taste of Sprite with a hint of ginger.

February 11, 2020

ATLANTA—Coca-Cola today announced the launch of its newest soft drink flavors—Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar. The soft drink pairs Sprite’s classic lemon-lime flavor with a hint of ginger.

“With the consumption of ginger-flavored sparkling soft drinks (SSD) steadily rising over the past few years, Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar offers a fresh take on one of the most in-demand flavor trends among consumers,” Coca-Cola said.

Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar will be available in 20-ounce and two-liter PET bottles and 12-ounce can 12-packs.

In December, Coca-Cola launched the Coca-Cola Insiders Club offering a limited number of fans the chance to be the first to taste some 20-plus new beverages the company plans to release in 2020. The six-month membership spots sold out in three hours.