Starbucks Plans 22,000 New Stores by 2030

The openings will boost the chain’s locations to about 55,000 stores within the next decade.

December 11, 2020

NEW YORK—While it may seem like Starbucks is on every street corner, the company still has big expansion plans, CNN Business reports. This week, the coffee chain announced it would add 22,000 new stores within the next 10 years, bringing its total store count to around 55,000.

The new locations will be a mix of smaller footprint stores, ones with drive-thrus and ones offering curbside pickup. “Though we are growing off a large base, there is ample room to expand in regions where the Starbucks brand is less penetrated,” said COO Roz Brewer during a Dec. 9 investors’ call. Starbucks has a “particular focus on high volume, high margin, suburban drive-thrus,” she added.

“As we introduce more efficient formats, we’re reducing the long lines that sometimes occur in metro locations, unlocking more sales,” she said. During the pandemic, the company registered losses, as commuters stayed home and some states shut restaurants entirely. While overall sales dropped, stores in suburban areas and ones with drive-thrus had positive sales growth.

Starbucks is also offering better rewards through its loyalty program to encourage more visits, especially those in suburban and/or with drive-thrus. The company is also expanding its line of oat milk beverages across the United States in the spring of 2021, after a Midwest launch earlier this year.