E-Commerce Is a Good Investment

As shoppers stay home, online sales will smash records in 2020, a trend predicted to continue beyond the pandemic.

August 21, 2020

ATLANTA—Retailers of all stripes have upped their e-commerce game, as online shopping continues to boom, the Wall Street Journal reports. With many consumers still avoiding in-person shopping, chains like Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Lowes and AutoNation have invested heavily in online stores.

A June report from eMarketer found that U.S. e-commerce sales will accelerate 19% to hit $709.8 billion in 2020. E-commerce is predicted to grab 14.5% of total retail sales this year, a record amount. This week, Walmart, Lowes and Target were along retailers reporting e-commerce sale surges.

Home Depot reported double its online sales for the quarter ending Aug. 2, a more than 14% slice of its overall net sales. “Online has really become the front door to stores,” said Fahim Siddiqui, senior vice president of information technology at Home Depot.

Nestlé has seen e-commerce sales skyrocket for coffee and pet food, among other products. Direct-to-consumer websites registered nearly 50% bumps in sales the first half of 2020. “Half jokingly, we were saying from now on, it’s going to be like a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday every day,” said Filippo Catalano, group chief information officer at Nestlé.

Several convenience stores have embraced online stores as well. Foxtrot Market, which started out as an online-only retailer, returned to its roots during the pandemic. DoorDash recently debuted its DashMart online convenience store in eight cities.

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