London Service Promises 15-Minute Delivery Time

Bikes and scooters get goods to neighborhood residents in record time.

August 11, 2020

LONDON—The U.K. tech-startup, Weezy, has launched a 15-minute grocery delivery service in the heart of London, according to The firm uses bicycle and electric scooters to deliver groceries and household goods to the city’s Fulham and Chelsea districts. The delivery fee is around $4, and the order arrives in 15 minutes on average.

Currently, Weezy operates a single fulfillment center but plans to open as many as 15 more in London before expanding further across the country. The company believes the 15-minute delivery promise stands out amid London’s fiercely competitive home-delivery businesses. But the offer also highlights a growing focus on delivery speed as more consumers come to rely on online grocery.

From FreshDirect to the corner grocer, food retailers across the U.S. are promoting same-day delivery amid the pandemic. Many provide service in as little as an hour, and some have evolved to offer 30-minute delivery. This includes Farmstead in San Francisco, and Kroger, which recently piloted a rush delivery service in Cincinnati. Last year, 7-Eleven tested half-hour delivery to public places like parks and beaches.

In suburbia, shoppers indicate a strong preference for curbside pickup services. In cities, however, delivery promises to become even more of a free-for-all. Uber drivers soon will be delivering groceries in cities across the country, and last week, DoorDash rolled out DashMart, an online c-store-like selection and service aimed at proving speedy delivery of small orders. However, it’s not yet clear that 30-minute delivery service offers a competitive edge over one-hour delivery or if a 15-minute delivery would trump all.

News about Weezy and DashMart demonstrates the growing competition for those small, fill-in trips to the grocer that most retailers don’t provide. Kristof Van Beveren, co-founder and CEO of Weezy, told a U.K. trade publication that the service quickly built hundreds of orders without publicity during its quiet launch earlier this year, and that it’s currently doubling its customer signups every week.

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