PepsiCo Releases New SodaStream Flavors

European consumers will get access to the soft-drink giant’s 10 most popular concentrates.

October 28, 2019

ALEXANDRIA—To jump-start make-at-home soda product sales, PepsiCo is releasing 10 of its most popular soft drink flavors for SodaStream in certain European markets, Food Dive reports.

PepsiCo purchased SodaStream, the system that is known for making at-home sparkling water without waste, for $3.2 billion last year. SodaStream allows consumers to choose how much flavor concentrate they wish to add and how often. In 2015, PepsiCo sold Pepsi and Sierra Mist flavoring packets on a limited basis.

The new concentrates will first be available in Norway and Sweden, followed by Germany and France in March 2020. There is no word on if the flavors will come to the U.S., but if successful abroad, it would be a likely move for the company.

For consumers, there won’t be that much of a price difference: A liter of homemade soft drinks will be $0.93 instead of $0.95 for the pre-bottled version. However, the sustainability aspect is enticing for many SodaStream users.