Wawa Shows Students the Science Behind Food

The c-store chain pairs students with working professionals at its Innovation Center.

November 06, 2019

WAWA, Pa.—There’s a science to your food. Just ask the students from P.S. duPont Middle School who participated in Wawa’s Future Food Science Program, Delaware Online reports.

The convenience store chain brings middle and high school students together with working professionals at its Innovation Center for a behind-the-scenes peek at how creating, testing and marketing products. P.S. duPont is the second school selected for the program.

“The more students we can expose to careers in food science, the better,” said Jennifer Wolf, a Wawa spokesperson. A Pennsylvania school was the first one to participate in the program, and Wolf said a school in New Jersey will be chosen next.

Recently, students from P.S. duPont’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics program mingled with scientists, engineers, marketers, roast masters and chiefs at Wawa’s test kitchen.

“They were all so excited when they heard we would be doing this,” said Stella Evans, a duPont STEM teacher. “We wanted to offer this to them as food being a possible career option.”

The eighth graders got to create their own snack cups, learned about nutrition and food safety and pitched their products. The students even came up with a menu item that Wawa will feature for a limited time in a store. For example, the Pennsylvania students suggested chicken and waffles, which proved popular.

“You should see their faces when they realize that what they created is available in the store. It's like they won the lottery,” said Alyson Mucha, a company spokeswoman.

The “Kool Kids Pizza” menu item the duPont students created will be available in February for a limited time, with a portion of its sales donated to a Delaware group. The “Kool Kids Pizza” comes with Taki chips, Nutella and marshmallows.