Kentucky Congressman Goes Behind the Counter

Representative James Comer learned what it takes to run a c-store in the NACS In Store program.

November 12, 2019

OHIO COUNTY, Ky.—An in-store experience organized by NACS brought Kentucky Congressman James Comer behind the counter of a local Huck’s c-store, reports Tri-State Homepage. A store on the Western Kentucky Parkway let Rep. Comer run the register one morning—something he last did nearly 20 years ago.

“The NACS In Store program gives members of Congress the perfect opportunity to experience how convenience stores serve constituents in their home states,” said NACS Grassroots Manager Margaret Hardin. “Legislators like Congressman Comer gain a better understanding and appreciation for not only the c-store but also the convenience and fuel retailing industry as a whole. It’s a great way for our retailers to be introduced to the political engagement process as well.”

During his experience, Rep. Comer learned about the ins and outs of running a convenience store, including onboarding and training, as well as the technology involved and how workers verify IDs for customers buying tobacco or alcohol. 

Rep. Comer told Tri-State Homepage that he wanted to learn more about the industry. “This is a very regulated industry and we vote on things like the farm bill that affects things like purchasing food in convenience stores with EBT cards,” he said. “I want to make sure I understand the challenges the industry has. I can take that back to Washington and try to make this industry more business friendly.”

To see how the In Store program benefits industry retailers and to view the communities where they’ve taken place, check out some past media coverage. If your store would like to host a NACS In Store event with one of your members of Congress, contact Margaret Hardin, NACS Grassroots Manager.