Nestlé to Introduce Meat-Free Burger

The plant-based Incredible Burger will debut in Spring 2019.
January 07, 2019

ARLINGTON, VA. – This spring, Nestlé will debut a plant-based, meat-free burger called the Incredible Burger. Bloomberg reports that the company hopes to capitalize on the growing demand for plant-based products.

Competition in the market already includes the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger, but Nestlé will join the mix with a product that consists of soy and wheat protein. The Incredible Burger will be released through its Garden Gourmet brand.

According to FoodBev Media, the release comes at a time when Nestlé is revamping its strategy to target meat- and dairy-free products as the vegetarian and vegan diet becomes a growing consumer segment. Laurent Freixe, CEO of Nestlé America, says the company’s plant-based business could reach $1 billion in sales within the next ten years.

Other companies such as Unilever are entering the meat-free segment. The major food company purchased The Vegetarian Butcher last month.