Restaurants Go After Off-Premise Dining

Interest in delivery and carryout at restaurants has exploded in recent years.

February 08, 2019

CHICAGO – Off-premise dining has changed how restaurants operate, opening up new avenues of growth and competition, Restaurant Business reports.

Nearly a quarter of consumers (22%) say that ordering restaurant food for pickup or delivery is part of their routine, according to Technomic. The additional interest comes as more restaurants offer those services, but also because more consumers are interested in eating restaurant food at home.

Within the coveted 18- to 34-year-old demographic, 30% say they are using delivery over takeout orders, with 21% of all consumers replacing pickup with delivery of restaurant orders. And 22% use a third-party delivery company more than previously. Of delivery orders, 78% are placed directly through the restaurant, while 22% go through outside delivery parties.

Why do consumers want delivery or carryout restaurant meals? Because it’s comfier to eat at home and it’s faster overall. Forty-three percent of consumers also want restaurants to have family-size meal options available for delivery.

Finally, restaurants are using loyalty and subscription programs to build delivery and carryout orders, with 67% of those who use third-party delivery companies willing to pay a monthly fee for free delivery. DoorDash’s DashPass offers such a service, while Uber Eats is piloting a subscription service in the United Kingdom.