Maximize Your Menu Board

Have goals, be strategic and don’t fear change, a recent report recommends.

October 22, 2018

The latest menu design techniques offer a vibrant, engaging way let customers know what foods you have to offer, and they can help boost sales if used correctly, according to an article in QSR magazine. The report gives give five tips for making the most of your digital menu board.

1. Know your goal. A menu board is part of your marketing program, and you should determine what you want to accomplish and how performance and results will be measured before making a purchase. Pick four or five specific goals so that use the digital menu boards to drive sales and achieve meaningful business results.

2. Digital boards are not static. Digital menu boards have color, lights, animation and movement to attract customers’ attention. Use the menu board’s attributes knowing that consumers are used to seeing videos and digital content. Research has proven that motion attracts more attention than static content.

3. Design clearly. Adding too much information to a digital menu board can confuse customers and turn them away. Be strategic about what you add, and make sure the message is concise and easy to read, which may mean avoiding certain colors or font styles. Be sure that the menu provides information customers need to make decisions. Use images or descriptions with a menu item name.

4. Don't fear change. Printed paper signs or static menu boards are expensive when it comes to changing strategies mid-promotion. A big benefit of digital menus is that you can test promotional materials and adapt them as often as needed to drive sales.

5. Be strategic. Digital menu boards can be used strategically across multiple locations to test promotions and maximize results. Focus on items that can boost sales. Using different campaigns in different locations allows a store to test different forms of communication and see what performs the best. This kind of analysis helps foodservice operators and managers make smarter decisions for the future.