Chick-fil-A Tests Catering, Delivery Models

The new locations won’t have dining rooms or drive-thrus, and they won’t accept cash.

October 12, 2018

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Chick-fil-A is testing locations that cater only to off-premise dining, QSR Magazine reports. The two units—one in Nashville, Tennessee, and the other in Louisville—don’t have dining rooms or drive-thru lanes.

Instead, both units will focus on catering and delivery. The Nashville store devotes 4,200 out of its 5,800 square feet to the kitchen—more than twice the amount of space in a normal restaurant. The store is situated in the center of Nashville to allow for easy access to major thoroughfares for delivery. “Customers are relying more on mobile delivery,” said David Sims, franchise operator, “and this new location helps us provide that convenience.”

Customers place orders at a walk-up counter inside the store or via DoorDash. Catering orders can be placed for delivery or pickup as well. However, payments must be made via debit or credit card—no cash will be accepted.

Scheduled to open later this month, the Louisville test location has similar features. “This is a tremendous opportunity to create a better experience for restaurant team members and customers alike,” said Bruce Smith, who will operate the new store. “Team members can stay focused on making sure every customer has the best possible experience at our restaurants. It’s never been easier for customers who are picking up their catering orders.”