Twitter Teasing

QSRs use cheeky messages on social media to interact with fans—and take jabs at the competition.

November 06, 2018

DUBLIN, Ohio – Droll responses to social media fan and brand tweets have become de rigueur for quick-service restaurant chains, USA Today reports. But does all the witty repartee actually result in increased sales?

Many tweets are self-promotional and strictly business, but when the messages are clever and amusing, they can put a “face” to the company—and drive customers to the restaurants. QSRs respond to fan questions and quips online, but sometimes, the chains take swipes at the competition, such as when Burger King ran a June promotion offering to allow customers to trade “their” fries for Burger King onion rings—clearly a reference to McDonald’s.

Nowadays, QSRs have writers working on creative responses on Twitter. Wendy’s has been among the most aggressive to use Twitter to interact with fans and brands alike. “Twitter itself is a very modern and direct way to talk one-on-one with people,” said Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer for Wendy’s. “It’s always a way to have a lot of fun and engage in a lighthearted way.”

Brands using social media to interact with fans can boost their bottom line with little outlay. “What did it cost Wendy’s to respond? What did it cost Chili's to respond? Nothing,” asked Peter Shankman, author of Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans. “It allowed them to piggyback. They didn’t have to do any work.”

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