Study Reveals Critical Insights into Dining Behaviors

Eating out makes up 18% of business travelers’ total expenses.

November 28, 2018

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – What are the dining habits of business travelers? Dinova and the Global Business Travel Association conducted a study of business travelers to find out.

“Our research holds some really interesting insights for restaurant professionals—including trends that they can capitalize on to capture more of the profitable business dining market,” Dinova’s vice president of marketing Shannon Delaney said in FSR Magazine. “We see this as an opportunity to educate people about the business traveler and the business dining industry in a way that hasn’t been done before—and some of the results were very surprising.”

The study uncovered different dining behaviors among the generations. For example, millennials were much more likely to eat quickly and head back to work than baby boomer or gen x workers

The survey found that 42% of millennials dined solo with a grab-and-go dinner option and were six times more likely than baby boomers to have takeout or delivery food for dinner. These business travelers also indicated using their smartphones to research dining options ahead of their trip.

“Understanding business travelers’ research activities and heavy use of mobile—and being certain all of your digital presences are best positioned for this research—is critical to [restaurants] being found during the pre-trip planning process,” Delaney said.