FreshDirect Predicts Top Food Trends for 2019

Online fresh-food grocer picks 10 cutting-edge products.

November 12, 2018

NEW YORK, N.Y. – FreshDirect, the Northeast online fresh-food grocer with delivery in seven states, has compiled the following list of trends for the coming year and beyond, according to

1.       Making fresh shelf-stable: Evolving shelf-stable products are fresher and more innovative than in the past. In fact, some are so fresh that they must be refrigerated. Look for more manufacturers to roll out shelf-stable foods with fresh, natural ingredients that consumers can use in creative ways.

2.       CBD-infused foods: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive ingredient derived from cannabis that is credited with relieving pain, anxiety and depression. In 2019, CBD will start to appear in foods, drinks and even salad dressings.

3.       High-quality canned fish: Artisanal canned fish is already being used in restaurants, thanks to its value and convenience. Look for grocers to carry a wide range of quality canned fish offerings, which are often 100% traceable and fully sustainable.

4.       Oats: Forget nut milk. Oak milk is growing in demand because it is more sustainable and less water-intensive as other non-dairy milk products. Expect oak milk to morph into new dairy alternatives, including oat-based yogurts and cheeses.

5.       Premium spice packets: Next year, portion-controlled spice packets and simmer sauces will jazz up at-home protein, noodles or veggies in a quick, convenient way. Expect to see premium spices used in more professional kitchens, as well.

6.       Organic 2.0: Shoppers will find more tech-enabled local organic offerings as a result of bio-dynamic growing methods. Expect to see produce labeled “transitional,” which means the farm of origin is making the three-year transition to becoming fully organic and being certified as such.

7.       Cauliflower is the new kale: Cauliflower is playing a leading role in healthy eating. It holds up like a grain and easily absorbs other flavors, allowing it to unnoticeably replace starches in many staples, such as rice, crackers and pizza crust. Watch for newly released products featuring this once-wallflower vegetable.

8.       Evolution of kid snacks: Look for kid snacks to become more nutritional and for adult staples to become more kid-friendly.

9.       Spreading local: Vertical farming and its controlled methods will bring innovations like tropical items sourced locally, as well as out-of-season strains and varietals being grown locally.

10.   Better-for-you beverages: Consumers want to eat better—and drink better. New drinking trends will include natural wines, all-natural ciders, more drinks with lower alcohol content and pick-me-ups for digestive enhancement.