Hologram Self-Checkout Kiosks Come to Japan

7-Eleven is testing Digi POS in six Tokyo area c-stores.

February 02, 2022

Hologram Checkout Technology

TOKYO—Japanese 7-Eleven stores are trialing hologram checkout kiosks next month, reports Japan Today. The non-contact self-checkouts are called Digi POS and are reportedly the world’s first on-contact/aerial display technology for POS cash registers.

7-Eleven shared a first look at the hologram registers on its YouTube channel.

Customers scan the products they want to buy, and then the hologram touch panel register pops up, and it can only be seen from the user’s angle.

The systems were developed by six different companies: Toshiba Tec, which created the POS payment system and installed them in the 7-Elevens; Asukanet Development, which manufactures and sells plates for aerial displays; Kanda Kogyo Development was responsible for the aerial display modules; Mitsui Chemicals Development creates and sells the adhesive “Structbond” used for aerial display plates; and Mitsui Bussan Plastic, which is involved in aerial display module sales and development.

Six 7-Elevens in Tokyo are trialing the hologram checkouts. Customers can purchase all store items through the system, except alcohol, cigarettes, stamps, postcards and services such as courier deliveries, utility bill payments, cash vouchers and account recharges.