FUELS2022 Discount Ends Tomorrow

The Fuels Institute’s annual conference will discuss the decarbonization of the transportation system.

April 26, 2022

FUELS2022 Promo

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Discounted registration for FUELS2022, the Fuels Institute’s 2022 annual conference, will end tomorrow, April 27. Don’t miss your chance to save $250 before registration rates rise.

Taking place May 24-26 in Indianapolis, FUELS2022 will examine the challenges, strategies and opportunities surrounding decarbonization. Join industry experts as they look at a variety of strategies to decarbonize the transportation system that affect both the legacy fleet as well as new-to-market vehicles, including all classes, markets and duty-cycles/vocations.

The conference will foster discussions among leading stakeholders about the challenges facing the market and the opportunities that exist or might be developed to overcome these challenges. 

Other topics discussed include the energy markets and economics of transportation, addressing the medium- and heavy-duty market, developing a reliable EV charging infrastructure, consumer behavior, the future of biofuels and more.

Register today to save $250 on registration fees and join the industry's most influential stakeholders as they discuss the future of decarbonization.