Here’s How to Have More Creative Signage

A content management system can organize and schedule digital signage, giving retailers more time to focus on creativity and thoughtful implementation.

April 19, 2022

Marketing Signage

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Imagine with one click, all the digital signage in your stores were changed. The signs are now displaying your latest beer promotion, and that LTO promo was removed on time. With a content management system (CMS), the organization and dissemination of digital signage is that simple, and it allows those in charge of signage more time to use their creative strengths and make sure the right message is reaching the right customer.

“Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we are seeing stores focus on digital signage, messaging and having clear communications on site,” said Rick Sales, CEO of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company. “Allowing a CMS to do the heavy lifting of scheduling, organizing and distributing content can turn a time-consuming and oftentimes chaotic task into a streamlined process.”

With Abierto’s OPEN.CMS, content is uploaded to the system, and it can be attributed to multiple dayparts, customized and tagged, automatically or manually scheduled and tracked via a reporting system. The uploader is intuitive and easy to use, plus it can handle bulk files.

For example, a c-store can upload a promotion they want displayed during the morning daypart, at the register, only in stores that have curbside pickup and just in Alabama sites. Using OPEN.CMS’ metadata tagging system, the retailer can schedule the ad, select specific criteria like these, and automatically distribute to every location that meets the criteria. Once the promo is finished, it is easy to run a customizable report to see exposure information and summaries. Displays can also be updated in real time.

“I think the most valuable aspect of OPEN.CMS is the amount of time it saves,” said Sales.

Abierto recently on-boarded a new client which used to spend a third of their time each month scheduling and distributing content, Sales said. Now that the retailer uses OPEN.CMS, they spend half a day on content management every month.

“The retailer used to do about 700 uploads of content a month and now it does 24,” said Sales. “A CMS allows creative people to be creative, taking a lot of stress off their plate so they can focus on creative ad campaigns and not worry about how to distribute the messages.”

This is a NACS Daily article on how c-store retailers can save time by utilizing a CMS to organize and streamline in-store digital signage. Learn more about Abierto’s Open.CMS.