5 Ways to Keep Your Messaging Fresh

Digital signage content needs to engage and inspire your customers.

September 14, 2021

Digital Mirror Signage for Marketing

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TULSA, Okla.—All too often, retailers focus more on the digital signage itself—the screens and placement—and overlook the content. “Many retailers don’t take full advantage of digital’s versatility,” said IV Dickson, vice president of digital experience for SageNet. “If you only use one type of messaging, you won’t be able to fully engage customers, build brand loyalty and increase sales.”

Dickson has identified five types of digital signage content retailers should employ across their digital channels. They include: 

  1. Targeted Marketing. Digital signage was made for targeted marketing, with easy ways to implement on-the-spot discounts on slow-moving items, highlight weather-related products (such as snow shovels with wintry mix predictions) and remove out-of-stock items during promotions.
  2. Customer Education. Digital signage can also provide customers with research, advice, recommendations and testimonials related to a product or service. “This use of digital messaging helps customers choose a product or service that best fits their needs—leaving them happier with their purchase,” Dickson said.
  3. Entertainment. Many industries use digital signage as an entertainment platform to make waiting times more tolerable. “Digital signage now replicates the social media experience for customers,” he said. Engaging and informational videos, carefully selected advertisements, social content, how-to videos and customer testimonials all help customers pass the time at the pump or while waiting for food inside the store.
  4. Incentives. Coupons, discounts and other incentives help build customer loyalty and brand awareness, increasing the likelihood of return visits.
  5. Public Service. Signs can deliver announcements, news, event schedules, weather bulletins and safety alerts. “Digital signage used in this way provides an important service to the customer and employee,” Dickson said.

Digital signage isn’t just about attracting new customers or upselling or cross-selling—it’s about delivering an in-store experience that represents or even enhances the brand. “Place-based digital signage offers retailers a unique opportunity to inform, inspire, engage, interact and entertain. It begins to realize its true potential when content, location, data, brand and customer come together to create a truly unique experience other channels simply cannot,” Dickson said.

This is the third installment of a four-part series about how digital signage impacts customer experience at convenience stores. Click here for more information on how SageNet’s SageVIEW can help you retain customers.